Millennium Energy Industries top ARABIA500 winner from Jordan

posted on Apr 17, 2012
Millennium Energy Industries, Jordan
Country Rank: 1
CEO/MD: Mr. Ennis Rimawi
2008-2010 Standard Growth Rate: 702%
2010 Revenue Range ($): 10-50 Million
2010 Number of Employees: 54
Industry: Alternative Energy
Year Founded: 2002
Millennium Energy Industries (MEI) was founded in 2002 by a shared vision between scientific and business minded pioneers with the objective of serving the solar energy needs of the region utilizing best in class proven technology for practical solar thermal heating, cooling, and power. Today, MEI is an international company, based operating in the Arab MENA region, with over 200 reference solar projects in more than ten countries.

MEI successfully engineered and implemented the world's largest solar heating system, a 25MWthermal solar district heating plant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Other clients include Marriott Resorts, Movenpick Resorts; Nestle , Jordache Jeans, and Siniora Factories; Safeway, Schlumberger, Masdar City, the Governments of Abu Dhabi, the Government of Saudi Arabia, and various other universities, hospitals, resorts, hotels, residential communities, oil/gas and industrial facilities.

MEI now also offers BOOT/lease options for specific markets, and also has active R&D and Solar Power project development departments.

The applications of solar thermal heating include industrial hot water and cooling, space heating and cooling, and domestic hot water and cooling systems.

Millennium is distinguished by its engineering knowhow, track record, and its ability to integrate and custom-fit solar solutions to meet clients' needs in the most practical and reliable manner.